"Crowd Funding" is becoming a popular way for small businesses to get financial help from others to cover the cost of starting and growing a business venture.

It's not investing in a company for an equity position, but rather joining a list of friends around the world who want to be part of something they believe in and want to see succeed.
Some companies simply ask for donations, but more are starting to offer something in return for the money. We feel it our responsibility to offer something of value in return for your help.

Our focus is on using technology to enhance education, enterprise and relationships. We've spent 10 years getting to the point that we can bring Face2Face to the world stage. Testing, listening to users, programming, designing, planning, reworking and redesigning; we're very dedicated to living up to people's expectations.

In regards to Face2Face's crowd funding; if you would like to help us, we offer the following:

If you donate $15.00 you can download Make-O-Lantern™, an exciting way to carve a virtual Jack-O-Lantern that can help you carve a real pumpkin. Look here!

If you donate $30.00 you can download Make-O-Lantern and our E-Book, Alien Encounters of the Financial Kind, An Entrepreneur's Guide to Eliminating Failure. Look here!

For donations of $100.00 or more, along with Make-O-Lantern and the E-Book, we'll place your name on our Friends of Face2Face!   To see who's already there Click Here.

Contact Us

If you have talents you would like to offer, skills that could be utilized, contact us. We are willing to entertain ideas and suggestions that create win-win scenarios.

Be a part of bringing positive energy to others. Heaven knows we have enough of the other side!