How to Get Started
You don't need an account to be a guest!

1. Download and install the free F2F Viewer.

2. View the growing list of sessions available.

3. Register for the sessions that interest you.

As a guest you can use the Face2Face Viewer to join great on-line live classrooms, webinars, training and presentations.

You can communicate with the host via the built in text message center and hear his/her response through your computer speakers. You also receive informational ads that help cover the expenses associated with your free service.

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When you create an F2F Account you'll be able to:

       Skip the introductory advertisments,
       Post your own avatar,
       Request to use a microphone (VoIP)
       Enter information into the WYBI and WishList section of the Portal,
       Start a session (if someone gives you access to a room)
       Receive technical support
       Subscribe to more viewer and F2FPortal options