ICE Cubes - The Real Difference    Help Fund This Project
It only makes sense that if ICE is the power behind the Face2Face Viewer then the downloadable content that expands your ability to involve everyone in your session should be called ICE Cubes! Learn about ICE

The typical live, on-line webinar or meeting is simply continuously streaming images of your desktop to everyone's monitor. If you want to do more than that with your content... you're out of luck.

For example:
    Have participants make choices, take tests or enter data on a form.

    Have someone take over as host using the same material you're using.

    Videos are great and add spice to your program but you also need audio along with them.

    Not everyone has the Internet speed needed to keep up so they lag behind.

ICE Cubes solve these issues and keep everyone synchronized. One of the most common statements people make after a Face2Face session is how amazed they are that everything played so quickly and smoothly... especially from those who have experience with other on-line programs.

It's all because you have planned ahead and created a file (ICE Cube) that can be downloaded before joining a session or, if it contains large amounts of information, can be delivered via CD or DVD.

We can even make ICE Cubes only usable by you and those you authorize.

So pull all your stuff together (PowerPoints, images, videos, sounds, handouts, etc.) then get with us and let's put our heads together to come up with a great way to share your talents with the world. We'll even help you get the word out through our marketing.