WYBI and WishList    Help Fund This Project
WYBI - Would You Be Interested

You have an idea for a class, consulting, training or seminar. Before you commit to fully developing it you want to see how much interest you can muster and if or how much people would be willing to pay to join.

Wouldn't it be great if you could let people know in advance and test their interest level before going too far with your idea? It makes sense to us!
We have met many people in numerous industries who have great talents and skills but lack the confidence to "go to the next level". So we came up with this unique approach to help them bridge the gap. Where else can you go for this kind of support? We are working hard to come up with ways to help folks bring their ideas to light.

You will be able to post a description of your project, fees you would like to charge, any special conditions or terms, then check back to see the kind of response you get so you can decide to proceed or not.

The WishList

The WishList is similar to WYBI only it's a place for people to send out to the world what sessions they wish were available.

You'll be able to describe what you want to learn or experience and the amount you would be willing to pay to support such an endeavor. As others agree or comment on your request someone may have exactly what you need and be willing to make it come true.

Both the WishList and WYBI sections will be available soon.