An Entrepreneur's Guide to Eliminating Failure

What you will learn from this book:

    How to deal with the fear of failure
    The importance of changing perspective
    How to use financial statements to make decisions
    How to unlock your financial potential
    How to use the Paradynamic Cycle to succeed
    The Ten Commandments of Management

"Alien Encounters of the Financial Kind is a fun introduction to running your own business filled with solid information presented in a common-sense approach. Everyone manages money in some aspect of living and the need to manage it wisely in starting a business is critical. Alien Encounters is a refreshing read on a vital subject after the information overload of some financial advisors."
- Bob Wall, Radio Personality

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    Learn the answers to questions like:

     Why don't entrepreneurs think like investors?
    How can I prepare to meet an investor?
    What is keeping me from being successful?
    How do I create a plan an investor will take seriously?
    What do investors look for in a plan and project?
    What can financial analysis show me that
            financial statements can't?
    Who am I really?
    Why am I the alien?
    What is the difference between a business plan
             and funding plan?
    Why is my business a reflection of my life?
    What is the difference between data and information?

"Alien Encounters provides an exciting visibility of thought needed for financial success. A "must have" reading/reference for every entrepreneur."
- D Townley, Chief Accounting & Finance Office MA - USAF, Former Mayor

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